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Custom Glass Railings

Glass Railings

There are lots of opportunities to use the glass railing systems in your home design!

A frameless or semi-frameless glass railing will provide spectacular results every time, making the most of the Montreal views with clean lines.

pool glass fence

Glass Railings for Stairs ,Decks and Balconies

Glass Railing Montreal

Glass railing is perfect if you want the safety and security of fence without a lot of hardware giving that clear view wherever you are.

Heavy-duty glass standoffs are design to work with 12 mm tempered glass panels.

This hardware its made of 304 grade stainless steel.

Standoff has diameter 2" and length 1 1/2".

Typical use for this glass adapter fitting is for glass partitions or glass railing systems.

  • Made of duplex 2205 low carbon ultra marine grade stainless steel, allowing for superior corrosion resistance as well as more than double the yield strength and 20% more tensile strength than 316 grade stainless steel.

  • Highly suitable for use in outdoor structures with high degree of corrosion due to chlorine and/or sulphur dioxide load; high humidity; accumulation of harmful substances (e.g., coastal regions and swimming pool environments).

  • Suitable for 12mm glass. (For 10mm glass, please Contact Us to inquire.)

  • No need to drill holes in glass.

  • Vertical adjustment.

  • 4 adjustment screws with levelling plate.

  • Cover plate is SS316.

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