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Custom glass showers & shower doors        

Glass Shower Doors Montreal Montreal

Glass shower is often a centerpiece of a modern bathroom.

The elegant look and simplicity of a glass enclosure offer a spacious, beautiful look that cannot be matched.


VitreriePros design, supply and install custom made shower enclosures.

Custom glass showers have steadily gained popularity in bathroom architecture all around the world. From architecture and interior design magazines to prominent portrayal in media, glass showers are everywhere. They are currently the talk of the town and it won’t be a stretch to say that in today’s world, custom showers have rightfully become the trademark for modern contemporary bathrooms.  

Perhaps, the best part about a custom glass shower is that it is just as aesthetically appealing as it is functional. It has replaced the shower curtains, freeing homeowners from the hassle of pulling the slippery shower curtain aside while trying not to slip in the bathroom. Custom glass showers take care of all the problems associated with shower curtains. All you need to do is open the door and step in to enjoy a bath without making a mess! 

Furthermore, the elegance of the glass enclosure is unmatched, making custom showers the centerpiece of any bathroom and offering an easy way to revamp any bathroom.

At VitreriePros, all glass shower doors and enclosures are built with perfection. We feel proud to offer our customers the best glass showers in Montreal at the most affordable rates. Made with 10mm or 12mm tempered glass, our shower glass panels are strong and sturdy and can withstand high impact.

In order to make sure that you invest in only top-quality glass showers that will take your bathroom to the next level, we design, supply, and install custom made shower enclosures in all types and sizes. Here’s the list of different types of glass shower enclosures that are available at VitreriePros.

  • Glass doors

  • Walk in shower panels

  • Steam shower units

  • Shower panels

  • Glass screens

  • Neo-angle showers

  • Sliding shower systems

  • Bathtub shower doors  

Make the Right Choice! 

While designing your custom shower enclosure, keep in mind that opening for shower door range between 20" inch, which is the minimum width for an entrance and 36" inch maximum due to the hardware weight capacity limits. It’s time you make the right choice when it comes to bathroom renovation and contact VitreriePros. Our experts can help you choose the right customer glass shower for your bathroom and install it perfectly to make sure you are never bothered by leaking water again!  

Designs and Options for glass shower Enclosures

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