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Custom Cut Mirror Montreal

          Custom Made Mirrors Montreal

Mirrors are nothing less than an ornament when it comes to interior decoration. It is believed that simple mirrors appeared as early as 600BC. However, modern silvered-glass mirrors got their start some 200 years ago in Germany. Since then, it has only gained popularity. In fact, in today’s world, mirrors are a necessity. No wonder – we find them everywhere! 

While mirrors have a long past, interior designers are only beginning to realize the potential of this powerful and essential tool. The right kind of mirror, when placed in the right location, can single-handedly change the entire look and feel of any room. This is especially true for bathroom and gym mirrors that act as the centerpiece in these indoor spaces.

Mirror Quality at VitreriePros

We know that all mirrors are not the same. Mediocre or low-quality mirrors need to be replaced frequently. Surely, no one wants to replace mirrors on a regular basis. Therefore, we take it upon ourselves to provide our customers with only the best-quality custom mirrors in Montreal. 

All our mirrors have high silver content, allowing impeccable clear reflection. We apply multiple coats of protective paint on the backside to ensure the silver of your custom cut mirrors doesn’t tarnish. Furthermore, the thickness of each mirror is just right, tailored to match the individual needs. Also, we employ the latest modern technology to manufacture the highest quality custom cut mirrors in Montreal.    


From cutting and shaping to the application of the reflective layer, every step in the process of mirror production is carried out with utmost care by our highly experienced professionals. Finally, our mirrors undergo in-house testing to make sure that every mirror meets global standards!  

Types of Mirrors at VitreriePros

We believe that your choices must not be limited when it comes to choosing a mirror. This is why we offer a wide range of custom cut mirrors in Montreal that can take any room to the next level. Here’s the list of different types of custom mirrors that are available at VitreriePros.

  • Full-length mirrors

  • Wall-to-wall mirrors 

  • Bathroom mirrors

  • Unique-shaped custom cut mirrors 

  • Hanging mirrors 

  • Framed mirrors

  • Large circle mirrors 

  • Windowpane mirrors

  • One-sided mirrors  

  • Gym Mirrors

Custom Mirrors VitreriePros Services 

Choosing the right mirror is not as easy as you may have imagined. From the type of mirror to the shape and thickness, a lot needs to be considered when it comes to picking the right mirror. Therefore, apart from offering the best quality custom cut mirrors in Montreal, our experts will help you choose the right mirror that not only matches your requirements but also fits your budget.   

Make the Right Choice!    

It’s time you make the right choice when it comes to custom mirrors. Contact VitreriePros to find the best mirrors and have them installed by our experts at the most affordable prices!  


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