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Thermo Glass

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

High Quality Foggy Window Repair at a Fraction of the Cost

Thermopane windows feature air pockets between the sheets of glass, which make them energy-efficient and help you save big on your utility bill. However, if one of the sheets in the glass gets damaged, breaks or the seal becomes compromised, then it’s important that you get it fixed immediately before bigger problems like mildew and mould set in and your energy bills sky-rocket.

Among the tell-tale signs that you need a thermopane window glass repair Montreal, Laval, include:

A sudden increase in your energy bill.

It takes longer to attain the optimal room temperature during winters and summers.

Foggy windows.

If you can spot any of these signs, get in touch with us right now. At VitreriePros, we specialise in foggy window replacement. We offer efficient glass replacement, which is far more cost-effective than replacing the entire window.

Foggy Window Repair Specialists

We take pride in our experienced and multifaceted team of glassmakers and glaziers who can assist you with all kinds of foggy window repair jobs to your complete satisfaction. At VitreriePros, we are trained to repair thermopane windows with top quality and custom solution.

Whether you have a double or triple pane window, or skylight outfitted in aluminium, wood or vinyl, we have the expertise, experience and the equipment required to complete all foggy glass replacement jobs efficiently and at a fraction of a cost.

Glass Replacements That Last for Years

Regardless of the project size or type, we make sure that the new thermopane that we install is top-notch and lasts for years in terms of functionality and performance. We make sure that our units are reliable, premium and dependable.

To deliver what we promise, we install glass units with aluminium spacer with a 10-year warranty. Moreover, they feature Low E and Argon Gas that ensure the climate of the home is comfortable and stable. The Low Emissivity (low E) coating provides a microscopic glaze that will help keep your home cool in summers and warm in winters by minimising the amount of UV and infrared light from penetrating through the glass.

At VitreriePros, we are experts in window glass repair Montreal, Laval. We can replace all types of window glass, such as:

Low iron extra-clear glass

Obscure and pattern glass

Traditional annealed glass

Laminated and tempered glass

Frosted glass

Tinted glass

Speedy and Stress-Free Execution

We make sure that all jobs are completed efficiently and smoothly without any mess or stress. Our team will visit your property to install a new thermopane glass at the time that suitable for you. We will pop out the defective glass unit and install a new crystal clear one immediately. With us, you don’t have to change the whole window.

✆Contact us Today

Give us a call at 438-874-7767 today to discuss your thermopane glass window repair needs. We will provide you with the best and efficient solution.

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